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Report Hate In Spokane

If this is an emergency and you need immediate assistance, call 911.


This form is voluntary. If you do not wish to submit a report, you are always welcome to contact us.

Were you a victim, witness, or third party reporter to a hate crime or hate incident?

Location of the incident:

Location Details:


Select from the drop-down list the setting where the incident took place.

Date of the incident:

Time of the incident:

01:54 AM

What kind of hate did you experience or witness?

Select from the drop-down list the kind of hate you experienced or witnessed.

How would you describe the motivation of the incident?

Please provide details about this incident.

Were there any other witnesses?

Was this incident reported to the police?

If not reported to the police and if you are willing, please explain why.

If reported, did the police respond?

You may submit this form anonymously. If you would like us to contact you, please type in your name and contact information.

Use the upload button below if you have a photo of graffiti, a hate filled flyer or something else you would like us to see.

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