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The Spokane County Human Rights Task Force today releases the following statement from the Board Chair, Dean Lynch:

We are deeply concerned about the recent report from the Washington State Legislature indicating that Representative Matt Shea engaged in domestic terrorism against the United States and trained young people to start a ‘Holy War.’ The report also indicates that Mr. Shea engaged in political terrorism and joined in discussions that suggested violence against others.

Evidence has also been presented to indicate Mr. Shea has authored documents indicating a “biblical basis for war” which would appear to call for violence against non-Christian males. SCHRTF condemns these kinds of actions in the strongest ways possible. There is no room for this kind of behavior in our community and it is our opinion that such actions based in a possible Christian domination agenda endanger human rights at every level.

We believe it is our obligation to shine a light on the darkness created by those who might victimize others, engage in acts of prejudice or advocate for discrimination, intimidation and violence in any way. It is our opinion that Mr. Shea certainly seems to embrace these patterns of thought and action and we formally call for him to seriously discern his ability to continue as an elected official representing the good people of the 4th Legislative District in Eastern Washington.


The Spokane County Human Rights Task Force offers support for people victimized by prejudice and bigotry while monitoring and documenting hate activities, crimes and incidents. SHRTF believes the dignity of every human being in inviolable and is united in the desire to confront discrimination, bigotry, hate speech and other attacks on human beings and our institutions


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